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How do Internships make a ‘Fresher’ much more Employable?

There is a famous saying that goes, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. This so very well articulates that internship is nothing but real-world learning. An internship is nothing but working in an organization or company as part of learning just to gain work experience and live through the opportunity to satisfy all the required qualifications. Here are ten important pointers that show how much of an important variable an internship is when it comes to landing a job in the industry as a fresher.

Explore all options laid before you

The primary importance of college life is to have the opportunity to explore. As fun it may seem, it is that important to dedicate all the time you have to get to know your career path. You may like a field, but in the long run, it might not be the right professional line for you. An internship can be seen somewhat like a demo session, so try different fields, see where your strengths lie, see what suits your interest. You might have set your goals and visions for a successful career path, but ultimately the success of it is ensured only when you are past the finish line in exploring.

How get Internship Job?

Experience counts!

Whatever may be your internship duration, it still counts, because no matter what there will be some sort of learning over that time period. Work experience is very much important for an individual starting off as a ‘fresher’. No textbook equals a first-hand exposure to the work cultures and environments.

Define & Refine your skillset

Professional abilities are what define you in your professional profile. For an employer what matters the most in his/her employees are the unique and employable skills they possess. The only plausible way for you to identify, develop, and amend your abilities and convert those into employable skills are, during the in-field real-life work experiences, which can be provided to you only at internships, that is why you have to start interning as early in your university education as possible.

Make yourself “Marketable”

Out there in the hiring market, all you are is one amongst the crowd who are seeking employment. If you want to stand out and maintain to grab the attention of potential employers, you have to have had prior experience in the position or field you are applying for. As a fresher, your only resort is an internship. So make it happen!

Contacts make you exist in the real-world

Networking is very crucial for any fresher irrespective of their industry. Apart from college, seminars and many such happenings where you get to know people and develop contacts, at internships, it is very much mutual, that is even your contacts come to your professional capabilities. This kind of networking shall help you maintain the contact and also make it fruitful.

Your easy way into the industry

Most of the times companies call out for interns because they need someone to fill in that position. They have a vacancy and now all you have to do is prove that you’re the right fit for their organization. Play safe! Play nice! You might even end up landing a full-time permanent job for the position you interned.

Get to know the ‘professional-you’

Personal development in a professional cadre is often noticed by employers, as they see how you run along with a team. Ultimately teamwork measures the success of the project. Here, it is very important to keep in check your confidence level and professionalism. During these internships, you not only learn how to teamwork but you also develop leadership qualities like how to manage a team, division yet successful completion of tasks, etc.

Acquire recommendations that speak for your character

The must-do things post-internship is to add LinkedIn recommendations to your profile. They personally speak your character and unique qualifications to your potential employers. Also, you get mainstream professional’s reference that you could add to your profile or resume. This shall verify your credentials and it is also a way to maintain your contact with your previous employer.

Knowledge is Potential

The amount of invaluable knowledge internships offer a student is incomparable to any other experience. You get to see how an organizational structure truly works, for it surely cannot be just a flow chart. You will get the opportunity to learn the various styles and approaches towards an assigned project, to test your limitations and look out for weaknesses, attain leadership qualities, experience the true meaning of teamwork, handle work pressure and deadlines, etc.

Experience is marked by implementation.

Acquiring theoretical knowledge is the learning done at colleges and educational institutions. But the practical implementation of it is too learning, which is important for every student, and that is exactly why most of the courses or degrees have a compulsory internship period that must be completed to graduate. Practical knowledge of the concepts much in advance like through an internship, boost the individual confidence on the subject. It prepares you well for the future.

Get hold of your stance by doing as many internships as you want before you settle down for a permanent job. And remember you are never late. Concluding with a quote by Steve Jobs, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

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