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India’s education technology growth due to Covid-19 pandemic

The recent times of prolonged crisis that companies and employees all around the world had to handle was the Covid-19 Pandemic, wherein the entire global economy was in a state of stagnant monetary flows. The effects were severely faced by every person on this planet, including unemployed, students, children, professionals, etc. In this blog, we shall discuss more on how the pandemic has affected the educational system and the corresponding institutions.

India’s education new technology

Active and passive learning

During the peak of the pandemic, yes, all the corporate industries and providers had to stop delivering their services, but what was of great importance at those times were, they still have to keep their consumer’s trust going. The working world was starting to transform and was much more inclusive of remote workers. This has set to be a permanent trend that’s followed even now- the post-complete-lockdown days. Most of the businesses have set their human resource to half full-time office goers and the other half full-time work from home employees.

Meanwhile, another huge transformation that affected favourably was the alterations observed in the consumer behaviour patterns. The target audiences of all the industry irrespective of the field of expertise were going through a digital transformation. The consumer time spent with digital media drastically accelerated to almost 15.1 hours per week in the year 2020, which is 28.5% higher, according to Global Consumer Media Usage Forecast. This gave an ideal opportunity to all digital platforms to create their mark in the market, with or without any minimal marketing and advertising. Such an ideal industry market for all digital platforms, but an unfortunate time for all traditional platforms.

The most important measure all industries had to uptake was to keep everybody informed the most. When relaxations were imposed on the lockdown, all businesses of education started off doing an amazing job as they slowly realized the effectiveness of remote working. Research suggests that the trending corporate e-learning sector is expected to expand by as much as $38 billion in the span of the next four years. Now we can see how the e-learning market turned to be such a big and on-demand industry. The pandemic has henceforth seen to have a positive impact on the online education industry.

We Accept the ‘New Normal’

We, at RineX aim at inspiring improvement through education and for this we are focused on creating an educational community, that helps create an innovative tomorrow. We, during these crucial times wanted to ensure that learning stops at nothing. Thankfully, with our efficient team we have successfully managed to put down the collapsing system caused by the pandemic.

Given the current circumstances, most of the learners prefer to opt for online certification courses and this trend seems to be increasing. We have resumed our full-fledged services and the enlisted Institutes and Trainers are all back in business. These online certification courses have also emerged as a way to bridge your career gaps caused by the pandemic and as already is it is a means to stay updated with the current trends of the market and to upskill your professional capabilities.

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